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East Gippsland Marketing Inc. is delighted to introduce the Eat, Drink, Local, East Gippsland campaign which will increase consumer awareness about the diversity and quality of local produce, grown and created in East Gippsland.

Our region is renowned for its excellent seafood, fresh seasonal vegetables, tasty beef, boutique wines and beers, and gourmet goods such as jams, chocolates, olive oil, cheese and condiments.

By celebrating those who support our produce and encouraging businesses to source locally, we will increase demand for local produce caught wild in our oceans, raised on our pastures, grown in our earth or created in the kitchens of our artisan producers.

It will support our industry and showcase our local producers.

It will give consumers the choice to buy local and build a community of advocates.

And it will help raise our profile as a food and wine destination in Australia.

As part of the campaign, East Gippsland Marketing Inc. has created an Eat, Drink, Local starter kit, which will enable businesses to show their commitment to local produce.

The kit includes:

  • Sticker sheets for use on menus or to seal bags
  • A stamp pad and stamp
  • Bumper stickers to share with customers
  • Lapel badges for staff
  • Decals for your window
  • Shelf ‘wobblers’
  • Campaign postcards for consumers
  • A memory stick with all the files, brand guidelines and templates you need; and
  • Ideas on how to brand your business further.

The first 100 businesses accepted to participate in this self-governing campaign receive the starter kit for FREE.

To apply, please complete the application form which can be downloaded here

Frequently Asked Questions and further detail about the program can be downloaded here.

For further information or to obtain a Microsoft Word version of the form, please contact East Gippsland Marketing Inc on (03) 5152 3677 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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